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In the near future, more and more devices and systems of all different shapes and sizes will be connected to each other and to people, and exchanging data automatically via the Internet. It’s the Internet of Things (IoT). It will be by far the world’s largest device market.

You might be surprised to learn how many things are connected to the Internet, and how much economic advantages can derive from gathering data that can be analyzed to complete tasks, answer questions and predict scenarios. In this Venture Beat interview, Tim O’Reilley, the technology publisher and Silicon Valley guru, says the IoT’s potential is still understimated. He believes that the “coming IoT era will result in more sweeping changes to our lives, our work, and our communities than those brought about by the eras of the PC, Internet, or smartphones”.

To be ready to fully embrace this new era, it is important to understand what is the IoT exactly, what makes it so trendy, why is becoming an increasingly growing topic of conversation and what should we expect over the next years. The articles below detail the past, the present and the future of the Internet of Things (and shows us that an exciting future awaits us).

You’ve heard stories about connected physical objects such as devices, vehicles, buildings and other items. But what makes it all connect? What exactly is the “Internet of things”? You’ll find all the answers on this IoT beginner’s guide.

A brief timeline with the IoT history, showcasing the most important people and projects that have helped the IoT move from its first signs into today’s trending topic.

An interactive IoT library where you can search and learn about the evolution of the IoT from 1961 to 2010, with more than 130 events and predictions for the years ahead. Easy and intuitive to use.


Highlights on what the emerging IoT market will bring this year, directly from CES 2016, the international technology showcase that took place in Las Vegas this January.

Gartner and Lukas Blake’s analyze the evolution of the IoT industry, demonstrating how fast this sector is growing and predicting how it will impact our lives and business processes.

This easy-to-read overview by Bernard Moon and the SparkLabs Global team gives a state of the art of the Iot world and the hardware space, with insights from Fortune 500 companies and startups working in this field.


While companies keep looking for experts to help them create IoT apps and services, there are big challenges facing developers working on the IoT environment.

On this McKinsey Global Institute report, the focus is on how exactly IoT technology can create real economic value. By looking “beyond the hype” of IoT it’s possible to estimate its potential economic impact.

Where do you think the IoT is headed next? This infographic shows that the IoT will be a lot more than just connected refrigerators and mobile controlled devices.

How will The Internet of Things affect your business? From boosting production efficiency, to reducing costs and increasing consumer engagement, the advantages are endless. Through connected sensors, smart devices and wireless solutions, see how we can help you innovate and integrate this new digital opportunity in your strategy.

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