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IMPLEMENTATION OF SAP BOC (Business Objects Cloud)

Learn How to Implement SAP Cloud for Analytics with openSAP

Dear openSAP community,
For those of you interested in learning more about SAP’s analytics solutions, you’ll be glad to see one of the new topics coming up in June on openSAP is Implementation of SAP Cloud for Analytics. This course is intended for customers, consultants, and partners ready to implement SAP Cloud for Analytics in the field.

Implementation of SAP Cloud for Analytics will help you succeed with your implementation of SAP Cloud for Analytics. The course is structured around implementation practices, including:
  • What questions to ask customers?
  • What implementation steps should you follow?
  • What is best practice implementation advice?
  • How do concepts apply in the system?
  • Where do you go for help?
The course will begin June 6 and will cover implementation methods for models, integration, security, and stories, and provide an overview of advanced features. Enrollment is now open!
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We look forward to seeing you again in the near future!

With kind regards,
Your openSAP Team

Source: Implementation of SAP BusinessObjects Cloud
Source Complementary: Open Online Courses Delivered by SAP

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